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Sensuous Romance,

and Mystery, Crime Fiction Writer


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Love Conquers All.

It’s no surprise that multi-published, international selling, and award winning, contemporary author Meg Amor has always believed in love and romance. She writes deep sensual romance stories about heartfelt connections and deep soul relationships, published with Loose Id Publishing, and Muse It Up Publishing. And this year is branching into crime series stories set on the Big Island of Hawai'i. 

Meg spent a lifetime as a therapist collecting fascinating unusual love stories. She loves to write about committed poly relationships and other romance mixes across the sexes. 

Meg hand-wrote and ”published” her first book when she was eleven years old about her parents’ separation and marriage. Constantly told as a child she had a vivid and over-active imagination—the dawn of the computer era meant she could now take dictation at speed from the interesting characters galloping around her head.

She grew up in New Zealand, and temporarily lives in California with her Ginger Ninja cat, the American fur child, Leo Ray Jr. Her heart and soul are split between her American home state of Hawai’i in Kona on the Big Island. Or the sultry steamy Southern city of New Orleans where many of her books are set. You’ll find her in one of these places, soaking up the atmosphere.

Eating at fabulous fine dining and fusion restaurants with friends or wafting overhead in the air flying an open cockpit biplane are her favorite places. Meg loves to travel and believes the Expedia ad, ‘Would you go if you could go anywhere in the world, but it had it be today?’ was specifically made with her in mind. Aloha!

~ The Hawaiians Series ~
Contemporary m/m gay romance
Hawaiian Lei ~ AMAZON
Hawaiian Orchid ~ AMAZON 
Best Contemporary Gay Romance ~ RainbowAwards 2016 ~ Runner-up 

Hawaiian Fragrance ~ AMAZON
Hawaiian Ginger ~AMAZON
~ Troika Love Series Trilogy ~
Henry and Isolde ~ a committed Troika/poly soul deep sensuous romance AMAZON
Saint Nicholas ~ a beautiful heartfelt m/f love story AMAZON
Dark War ~ a committed Troika/poly relationship AMAZON
"Everyone lives a thousand lives, but only one life to remember ~
Will this be yours?"

Also the author and publisher of the self-help motivational book, The Mystic Manifestor ~ living with spirit.  

NEW BOOKS! To be released over the next two years: 


The Troika Love Series trilogy

- m/m/f sensuous romance

~ The Chi Circle

~ The Flame Still Burns

RUSSIAN SOUL SONGS ~ Troika Christmas 2018 Novella 

The Hawaiians Love Series:

Loose Id Publishing - m/m gay romance

~ Hawaiian Passion - 2017

~ Hawaiian Cherry - 2018

Lei Crime Kindle World Series

in association with Toby Neal's Lei Crime Series

~ police procedural/crime

writing under J.M. Calverley 

~ Pele's Revenge - AMAZON

~ Moana's Secrets - 16 Aug 2017

Paradise Series:

Loose Id Publishing

- gay police procedural/crime

~ No Shots Fired - A Year in Paradise - 2017

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