Follow along as hearts are united through time, following where they are led - thanks to some help by a couple of matchmaking in present day, and one back in the old west. There will be many bumps along the way, but if two hearts are meant to be together - nothing, not even time itself, can stand in the way.


Haven Naranjo is a proud Caddo Indian, with a frightening past. He was a mere fifteen year old boy when he found his parents, part of his tribe, and his high school sweetheart slaughtered by a wereman gone mad. Falling victim to a system that is not always prepared to deal with a shattered young mind, Haven finally gives up on himself. He grows up to be bitter and hateful toward the creatures he hates. Werewolves. 

Alexander Prescott is the younger of the two Prescott boys and comes from a large werewolf clan. But things are bigger than that. Alexander, is the true vessel of the Fenrir Ulv and is to become the leader of all supernatural beings, the King of Wolves. On top of that, he’s in love with Haven. He’s known since he hit puberty that Haven is his true mate. But there’s one problem, Haven hates what he can become. However, Alexander has a plan on how he is to charm his, and his wolf’s way into the grumpy Caddo Indian man’s heart. 

But fate has other plans for them. The Asa Guard enters their calm country living, determined to use their own kind against them and kill the true vessel—Alexander Prescott. 

When war between the Asa Gods and the Fenrir Ulv starts knocking on their door, what side will the damaged Haven choose? Will he find a way of trusting those, especially Alexander, who he feels has betrayed him and let his animal, the eagle, lead him straight to his fate by his mate’s side? Or will he trust the words of strangers, who come to make his quest of seeing all shifters dead a reality? 

Haven’s Revenge is a story of an emotional journey for a whole community. It’s about finding acceptance not just from others but in yourself.


Noah Langley has always taken responsibility. For his sister, for his work, for anyone in need. Helping others has brought him to many places, but what he longs for is somewhere to call home. 

When tragedy strikes, Elizabeth Noland must fight to keep her family's farm. With time as her enemy, she must rely on the unusual stranger who seems eager to step in.

Brought together through the most unlikely events, Noah and Elizabeth discover that despite their differences, love is able to overcome any span of time. When a costly decision is made, are they willing to risk everything to gain the whole world?

*Each book in the series is a standalone book, however it is recommended to read the prequel, which is available Free on Amazon.

Self-proclaimed matchmaker Moira has always had the gift of knowing when two people are meant to be together.

One night, while driving home in Heartsbridge, Texas, she comes across an old diner that calls to her. What she finds inside will change her life forever.

As always, this was a fun story to work on. A debut book for this author, set in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities. The characters are so full of realness and life, I always felt I was right there with them. Book Two ~ Coming soon!

Love Letters - Historical Western Romance
“When you fail to be the hero.”

Abashed with guilt, Clarkson Dalton clings to his sanity as he struggles with the inner demons from being imprisoned during the Civil War. Broken, he clutches to his chest the sheet of paper that kept him grounded. To him, the only thing that kept him from losing it all, were the words written on every line.

Missy Fleming has always loved Clarkson since they were children. The problem is that Clarkson is engaged to her mistress. After fleeing South Carolina for Europe at the start of the Civil War, they’re now back. Each of the women have secrets that can have a shattering effect on everyone’s lives.

“Love Letters” is the 3rd book in Sandra E. Sinclair’s “Unbridled” historical, western romance series—where the female are all strong, capable and sassy, but most of all…unbridled. If you like escaping into bygone days when the west was wild and women wore big dresses, you will love the “Unbridled” series. 

Unlock the secrets in “Love Letters”—start reading this tantalizing historical western romance today.

Book 5 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series. 

Trapped for the past fourteen years in a time not his own, Ryder Lucore jumps at the chance to go back to the future to be reunited with the father and brother he left behind. However, when he arrives he discovers the future is not what it’s cracked up to be. People and things have changed, and not in a good way. Now he is stuck here with no way to return back to the time he now misses.

Torin Hamilton’s day wasn’t going well—and gets worse when she receives a mysterious nineteenth century jewelry box. Its contents leave her completely baffled and concerned for her friend’s welfare. What she saw couldn’t be real.

Torin’s concern for her friend deepens when she receives a strange phone call that has her rushing to Heartsbridge, Texas, looking for answers.

When she arrives, she meets up with Ryder, and together they go on a journey of loss, love and discovery, as secrets are revealed about a past he’d wanted to forget.Trapped for the past fourteen years in a time not his own, Ryder Lucore jumps at the chance to go back to the future to be reunited with the father and brother he left behind. However, when he arrives he discovers the future is not what it’s cracked up to be. People and things have changed, and not in a good way. Now he is stuck here with no way to return back to the time he now misses.

Timeless Hearts

~ Sweet Western Time travel series

Kennedy has spent the past ten years getting over the guy who hurt her. When her friend asks her to pull some strings so she can have her wedding on Sunset Beach, the dream destination for every bride in the world, Kennedy knows she will be face to face with him all over again. 

Seeing him again brings out all of the insecurity she felt in high school as she comes to terms with her feelings while they work together to prepare for the wedding. 

Spencer was the high school quarterback, dating the head cheerleader, who had always followed what the norm was expected from him. He never realized how much he had hurt the girl he stood up at the prom, but she’s letting him know now! 

The woman in front of him has stolen his senses, and he knows he has to make things right between them. She is the one person he has missed in his life, and he wants to fix the damage he did all those years ago. 

As they are forced together for a week on Catica Island, they will get the time to know each other again, and try to fix past wrongs, while dealing with new mistrusts and deception. 

Angel or Devil in Disguise?

Sometimes it's better to stay with the devil you know.

When the troubles of home become too much for 18-year-old Isabel Reyes, she takes comfort in the arms of a presumably, gentle man—her Knight in Shining Armor. Soon, she realizes her family drama doesn’t compare to the danger lying ahead when she finds herself on the run for a murder she may or may not have committed. Her only chance of making it out alive will come in the form of a stranger who may or may not have her best interest at heart

Will she survive? Or, will one mistake claim her life?

Isabel Navarro is a domestic abuse survivor who’s been through hell and back. Just when her life seems to be getting on track, her happy-ever-after is ripped from under her.

Things only gets worse when the one person she suspects will be there for her through it all, fails her miserably. The result is sorrow, heartache, and more suffering than she can manage.

Soon, a temporary fix becomes a long term, and almost fatal addiction. In the end, she loses everything and everyone.

Will she be able to survive the aftermath of her self-destructive ways? Or, has she reached the point of no return?

Is the risk even worth it when either way, she stands to become a victim?

***This book is for readers 18+. It contains emotional triggers, strong sexual content, and other adult situations. It’s not for the faint of heart.

“The price of trusting a stranger.”

Kamari Faraday is trapped in a nightmare and doesn't know who to trust. The beautiful half-breed had led a sheltered life until her father was gunned down, and her mother became a fugitive. Now, all alone in the world, she’s being hunted by a powerful man who is obsessed with owning her. A man who is well on his way to becoming mayor.

Widower, Cassidy Dalton, and his son, are in Longchapel visiting with family when his life becomes entangled with Kamari’s, putting him and his family in peril. A man with a haunting past, Cassidy is well aware of the danger of associating with Kamari, but his mountain man heart won’t allow him to turn his back on a damsel in distress.

Soon Cassidy realizes that helping Kamari is the only way he can help himself and finally shake the ghost of his past.

“Calm Surrender” is the 4th book in Sandra E. Sinclair’s “Unbridled” historical, western romance series—where the female are all strong, capable and sassy, but most of all…unbridled. If you like escaping into bygone days when the west was wild and women wore big dresses, you will love the “Unbridled” series. 

Everyone need someone. Find out how two strangers make it work. Take a peek through the keyhole of '"Calm Surrender"—start reading this tantalizing historical western romance today. 

Book 11 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series

Following her heart, Miakoda pursued happiness but she never expected it to result in more pain, heartache, and grief than she could imagine. The physical and emotional suffering may be more than she can endure. 

Harry vowed to love and cherish his wife until the end of their days. There's just one problem; his wife has changed and his every attempt to take away her agony only leads to more misery. 

With few options, they try something beyond reason. But will a desperate attempt to make it all right tear them apart? 

Choices will need to be made before the clock stops ticking.

*Each book in the series is a standalone book, however, it is recommended to read the prequel, which is available Free on Amazon.*

A Life of Despair, Dreams, and Hope.

Pearl Mazanec had a tragic beginning, a life filled with disappointment and self doubt. Everyone she cared about taken from her, thrusting her into instant parenthood when she’d only just started her adult life. The man of her dreams lost, having to take a backseat to the responsibilities she’s faced with. 

Pearl always suspected fate had a hand in the cards she was dealt, and she played them anyway. But she hadn’t realized how twisted, and cruel fate could be. Even though she’d experienced it first hand on her entry into the world. 

Death, stole her chance at love, and it’s through death—and six degrees of separation that brings the man of Pearl’s dreams back into her life. Only to drive home how impossible her love was. The gap between their class, status, and power was designed to keep them apart. 

It seems Pearl was destined to never receive her happy ending.


Tainted by scandal, Raven Eyez leaves New York to return to her mother’s hometown of Heartsbridge, Texas, penniless with her reputation and career in tatters. If that wasn’t bad enough, she reads in a celebrity magazine her childhood sweetheart, who broke her heart five years ago, is getting married. 

The stress is unbearable, and when she starts hearing voices whispering for her to right a wrong she has no recollection of making, she’s sure she is going mad. Things go from weird to completely unbelievable when an innocent trip to a diner leaves her stranded in Heartsbridge in the year 1880.

Lance Thornton suspects his neighbors helped his fiancee leave him at the altar, so he’s determined to ruin them. On his way to the bank to insist they foreclose on them for a loan he made, he bumps into Raven, mistaking her for his runaway bride, Charlotte. He decides he’s not letting her get away this time, and refuses to listen to any of her claims that she isn’t who he thinks she is, and that she is from the future.

He’s going to make this woman pay for embarrassing him in front of the entire town. Can Raven convince Lance he's seeking revenge on the wrong woman?

In the final installment of this addictive paranormal series, the inevitable war between the shifters and the psychics ensues. With new revelations unfolding, new alliances are formed, forcing Annie and Asha to look beyond their immediate circumstances as they focus on what’s to come. Having a new reason to win the war, Annie and Asha fight with their allies not only for the sake of the psychics but also for their own happily ever after ending. 

But going up against the powerful Damarcus won’t be easy especially when he has so many beings willing to sacrifice their own lives to help him succeed. 

With so much on the line, now more than ever, Annie and Asha must figure out a way to keep Damarcus in hell if they’re kind will continue to exist. 

Sacrifices will need to be made, lines will be crossed and loved ones will meet their demise as they take on evil in hopes of saving their kind. 

Will they win or will they meet their end? This is a conclusion you don’t want to miss.  

Annie continues to unravel painful truths of her past while discovering she’s even more powerful than she could have ever imagined. Although, even with her newfound abilities, her intense love and insatiable desire for Asha is her weakness, yet he is also her strength.

Asha took a vow to serve God. But, since discovering Annie was more than a dream, a deeper destiny unveils itself, and he’s forced to re-evaluate his choices. Making the right decision won’t come easy.

However, hidden truths and new found strengths, have brought this unlikely pair together, and together Annie and Asha are a powerful duo. But will their magic be enough to take on an evil seeking vengeance and a mother who wants the power to control all that exist? Both threats willing to do anything to get what they want, even if it means making a deal with the devil himself.

Annie is forced to choose, risking her life to save Asha, or risking his life to protect all those who now depend on her.

Join Annie and Asha in part two of this action-packed paranormal adventure filled with steamy scenes and supernatural twists at every turn.

Wild Storm - Historical Western Romance
“Secrets are simply another form of lying…” 

Words Storm Peckham would come to hear and not appreciate, as it marked her whole life as a lie. Something she was not prepared to admit—at least not to anyone else.

For eighteen years, Storm has managed to keep her true self hidden from the rest of the world. That is, until her sister Emma is abducted and she has to spend several days on the trail of finding her missing sister in the company of two very handsome marshals. The closer they get to finding her sister, the harder it's becoming to keep her secret safe—especially from the watchful eyes of Colt Dalton, who suspects Storm is not all she seems.

Colt and Cole Dalton are the US Marshals sent to find missing heiress Emma Peckham. Unbeknown to them, they are about to embark on a mission destined to cause contention between the Dalton brothers. They have a job to do, returning the missing girl to her father in one piece, but emotions flare with Storm and her secrets stuck in the middle of the of the emotional whirlwind each of them will have to overcome.

What will happen as secrets are revealed and suppressed emotions rise to the surface?

“Wild Storm” is the 2nd book in Sandra E. Sinclair’s “Unbridled” historical, western romance series—where the female are all strong, capable and sassy, but most of all…unbridled. If you like escaping into bygone days when the west was wild and women wore big dresses, you will love the “Unbridled” series. 

Unlock the secrets in “Wild Storm”—start reading this tantalizing historical western romance today.

Vanessa's life has been tainted by secrets and the scars of a past she can't forget. When that past forces itself into her present life, she is faced with unspeakable truths and undeniable danger. 

Damaged Goods. Victim. Slave. Whore. 

Vanessa promised herself that none of those labels would ever touch her again. She’s on a new path, from darkness into light, and there’s no looking back. That is, until her niece Zoe is kidnapped by the same ruthless sex trafficking organization that shattered her young life and left nothing but destruction in its wake. Now, she must dare commit to going underground to root out the sadistic thugs and rescue her niece. 

Getting in isn’t the problem though – it’s getting out that will take everything she’s got and more. Her love and strength are tested to the limit as she’s forced to revisit a past she thought she had left behind and discover a future ahead of her like one she never imagined. 

Good vs Evil 

Ian Kelly has been working undercover for too long, and lines are starting to blur. He’s been living in a world filled with malice and corruption. When a woman from his past suddenly falls prey to trafficking, he’s put in an impossible situation: blow his cover and risk the lives of those he loves, or watch the woman of his dreams destroyed right before his eyes. 

Can these two souls with so much at stake right undeniable wrongs and not only save the ones they love, but also save each other? 


Another good one from Eva Winters. Her heroines are always strong women which I like. This story had even me wondering as an editor how it was going to end and who was the stalker. :) I just love working on these stories from the authors. It's such a thrill for me.

Book 7 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Series

Emma-Jean Aldridge knows better than anyone that life isn’t always easy. The loss of her parents has left her with no money and no family. Yet, she’s determined to make her dreams a reality, even if the world she currently lives in may not be ready.

Austin McNeil is on the verge of losing his ranch and family business. Being a marine was hard, but life as a civilian can be even more challenging, especially as a single parent. And if that isn’t enough, someone is set on ruining him.

Can two people from different times, searching for answers to their individual problems find solutions within each other? Or, will a promise made steal their chance at happiness, leaving all involved brokenhearted?

*Each book in the series is a standalone book, however it is recommended to read the prequel, which is available Free on Amazon.*

This is a clean and wholesome, western time travel, romance story, with a happy ending.


Book 6 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Series

Charlie Langley needs to escape her past, and a relationship that has tried to damage her spirit. She goes looking for her brother, only to find herself in a time far away from what she knows. Somehow, she has ended up in 1880, and she’s not happy about it.

Gabe Noland spent his life believing he wasn’t ever going to amount to anything. Leaving Heartsbridge after having lies spread to ruin his name, he vows never to return. When an opportunity arises to extract revenge on the man who ruined his life, he seizes it. If the people of Heartsbridge believe he’s a thief and a liar, it might be time to prove them right.

Charlie is about to become the unwitting pawn in Gabe’s plans.

What will happen when they both realize mistakes have been made, but sometimes it’s too late to repair the damage that’s been done? Can their hearts find a way past what the outside world believes to be true?​

This is Book 9 in the Timeless Hearts Multi-Author Western Time Travel Romance Series

Emily has built a wall around her heart, wanting no part of falling in love after witnessing the turmoil it has caused her loved ones. Ever since her mother walked on out them, she’s been the one who has cared for her family. After her cousin goes away again, with no word to her, she goes searching for her so she can finally confront her over feelings she’s kept bottled up for the past five years.

Her search sends her back in time, and into the arms of Bradley Stolfi, a lonely cowboy with a shady past and a dark secret, he keeps hidden from the world. Bradley’s secret and past are about to catch up to him, and will drag sweet Emily, the woman who’s haunted his dreams for most of his life, down with it. In order to save her, he will have to give into the darkness he’s spent his life fighting to keep under control. 

Emily is willing to risk it all, but will Bradley be willing to let her? Or figure out a way to save them both?

**This is a sweet, clean summer romance series of novellas by six authors** 

Island Bound - Book 3 of the Catica Island Inspired Romance Series

This is a sweet and clean gay story about men who find love… 

Leigh Patterson and Ethan Shamsi grew up together and believe they know all there is to know about each other. However, Leigh has a secret he has never shared with anyone -- a secret he believes will tear their friendship apart if Ethan ever found out. Leigh is smart, handsome and rich, so why does he work for Ethan, as his personal assistant, when he doesn’t have to? 

The answer may lie with the redhead, Neil Manning whose life Leigh saves by fishing him out of the ocean on his first day on Catica Island. Ethan tells Leigh that by saving Neil, Neil’s life is now bound to Leigh’s. 

Neil’s presence stirs emotions, feelings and desires Leigh has worked hard to keep hidden. But when Leigh starts doing things out of character, like placing a complete stranger’s needs in front of Ethan’s, he has to step back and reflect on his life and the fact he has been denying his true self for over two decades. Not only had he been lying to his best friend, but to himself. 

It is time to come clean and become the man he was meant to be, but in doing so will he lose the only person in his life he called friend?

Lost Fortune - Historical Western Romance

"What do you do when the world as you know it is ripped from under you, and everything you believed to be true no longer makes sense?"

Rilla travels across the pond to Boston, the place of her birth. After eight years away, she discovers her very existence has been a lie. The people she thought she knew, and those she loved, had kept secrets and lies that could bring scandal and shame if they are discovered. Everything she holds dear could be taken from her. Making matters worse, she is being hunted by a stranger whose sole purpose is to separate her from her inheritance, leaving her in ruin. 

Left with no other choice, Rilla must flee for her very life.

Calvin Dalton has been sent by the Pinkerton Agency to recover a lost fortune. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman on the train into town left him breathless, and unable to get the exotic beauty out of his mind. He is delighted to discover they are staying at the same boardinghouse, even though he knows he has no time to become sweet on the girl. He’d been sent there to do a job, so he’d have to fall in love on his own time. However, when he agreed to take on the job, he had no idea where this journey would lead him, or the lives he’d ruin with his investigation. Calvin’s heart and his job were on a collision course of disaster.

What will happen when the mysterious woman he’d met on the train becomes his prime suspect? It appears his heart wasn’t the only thing she’d stolen.

“Lost Fortune” is the 1st book in Sandra E. Sinclair’s “Unbridled” historical, western romance series—where the female are all strong, capable and sassy, but most of all…unbridled. If you like escaping into bygone days when the west was wild and women wore big dresses, you will love the “Unbridled” series. 

Book 3 in the Timeless Hearts Sweet Western Time Travel Romance Series

For some people love is within arms-length. But for others, it’s eras away.

Jesse Landers is a protector at heart. When tragedy strikes close to home, he promises to avenge the person responsible for the disappearance of someone he loves dearly. However, he soon realizes revenge comes at a high price. When his destructive life catches up to him, his only escape may be through time. 

Doctor Abagail Simmons is dealing with her own loss and must somehow, muster up the strength and courage to fulfill her father’s last wishes. Things are quickly spiraling out of control when a peculiar stranger shows up and seemingly, makes things better, until he reveals his truth. 

When two strangers are brought together under unlikely circumstances, will love be forth coming? Or, could undisclosed facts claim their happy ever after?

*Each book in the series is a standalone book, however it is recommended to read the prequel, which is available Free on Amazon.*


**A Sweet, Mail Order Bride Western Romance** 

Is Love Worth the Gamble? 

Fiona is tired of the London society, where status and looks are the most important traits a man is looking for in a woman. Wanting a chance at a new life, away from the pitying stares and loneliness of her life in England, she answers an ad as a mail order bride in America. 

Brooks is a gambling man, who wants revenge against his father's killer. His plans are complicated when Fiona lands in his lap after a winning hand. 

He doesn’t have time to be looking after a woman, especially one who should have known better than to come to a strange country on her own. But, somehow, she has become his problem. 

Will the final wager cost him his heart? 

This is Book 10 in the Timeless Hearts Multi-Author Western Time Travel Romance Series

Would you move heaven and earth to be with the one you love?

Clara came West as a mail-order bride - only to find the man she as supposed to marry was on his way to jail. Going back to Boston isn’t an option, so now she needs to figure out what she can do to survive on her own. There aren’t many opportunities for a woman alone in the late 1800’s in the small town of Heartsbridge, TX. A chance meeting with the woman from the boardinghouse sends her somewhere she would never have believed…

Grady Langley has a dream to rebuild the old farmhouse on his family’s ranch into a bed-and-breakfast - one that will honor his ancestors and take people back to a simpler time. But, he needs to find someone who can live like the pioneers and even cook on a wood stove for the guests. He can’t believe his luck when the new waitress at Moira’s Diner says she can help.

Clara has to learn to adjust to life in a time that is a far cry from the world she left behind. Can Grady help her find what her heart came here to find?

Fate brings them together, but what will happen when lies and misunderstandings threaten to destroy the love they have found? Can Clara learn to fit in, even if she doesn’t feel she could ever belong in a world so different from her own?

Island Haven - ​Book 7 of the Catica Island Inspired Romance Series

All Janessa had to do was love him and that wasn’t supposed to be hard—until it was. When she finally decides to make a change, a freak accident leaves her with no memory and at the mercy of a stranger. But can he be trusted? 

Shane was seeking vengeance until he found something else. Now, he’s forced to choose between saving one life or avenging another. However, there may be another way if he’s willing to play both sides. But will he be prepared to pay the cost if he’s caught? 

As two strangers get closer, a seemingly unbroken bond is formed. And when truths are revealed, they find themselves not only fighting for their relationship but also their lives. 

This is a clean and wholesome love story about second chances. 

Those interested in this story may also be interested in clean romance, clean and wholesome romance, romance, contemporary romance, love, wholesome, Catica Island, island romance

One month before Twice The Hands To Hold takes off. 

It's been nearly two decades of playing at being an adult, and Jake still isn't sure he has it down. Fake it till you make it, has always been his motto, and it got him and his nephews this far. 

Yet he wasn't expecting a hurricane from his past to sweep over the structured, ordered life he's worked years to build for him and his boys. 

It has taken Jake this long to pick up the pieces Henry's abandonment left him with all those years ago. Life has not been easy, and it certainly was no fairytale. But what Jake has achieved, he's done so despite being left to fend for his family. 

How can Jake allow one of the only two men he's ever loved back into his life? 

The question is, how can he not? 

15,000+ words 
Includes gay themes and descriptions, lots of testosterone and a snippet from two inseparable twin brothers with a sweet tooth.

Meet the Dalton Brothers ~ All ten of them


Editor and Proofreader

I am available for content, line, and proofreading for any manuscripts or documents. The editing process is very satisfying for me. I want to enhance an author's work, not butcher it. I never change your style. I only edit for content, flow, repeated words, a possible recommendation for an overused word etc. 

My view on editing and editors is this. They're there to take a lovely chunk of story, then cut and polish it into the sparkling gem it should be. 

I know people are often very nervous around editors, and I do understand why. The voice of the writer is what makes any author stand out from another. Your voice is unique, and I want it to be heard in the manuscript as much as you do. I'm happy to edit any kind of story, it doesn't have to be in my own genre. I'm flexible in what I will take on. 

I use a standard U.S. publishing house style, using track changes in Word. I first do a content edit, going back and forth with the author as many times as necessary until we're both happy. Then a line edit for final grammar, punctuation, and the "fiddly" bits. Finally, I always do a read through out loud. This is where you'll pick up any last minute flow problems, repeated words, or extra small words that have been left in or out. This is your galley or proofreading part of the edit from me. 

Once these processes are done, the manuscript should be clean and tight. 

I edit and proofread for authors who are publishing, and also submissions to publishing houses. I will work with an author to do a submission letter for a house. 

I am a full-time writer, originally published with Loose Id Publishing, and Muse It Up Publishing, now self-published. I use Loose Id's tight, refined U.S house style, but also edit for English, Australian, and Canadian writers, and will use U.K. or U.S English and styles as required. 

I'm fast and efficient, and love the process of editing. I promise I'm not scary or mean. :-) Because I'm a writer myself, I know what it's like to have your baby in someone else's hands. I tread gently, and can provide recommendations from clients.


6.00 per 1000 words
60.00 per 10K words
600.00 per 100K words
I'm happy to do a manuscript of any size. 
A 100K MS will take me approximately six weeks if that gives you an idea. 
I will have a 10K MS back to you within a week depending on my workload. 

I am happy to edit a few pages of any work so you can get a feel for my editing style and whether it will work for you.

25.00 for a submission letter to a publisher. 
I make sure it's laid out correctly and has the relevant information they're looking for. 

Arrangements for payment can be made through Paypal or a money order can be sent. 

Please contact me: 
Meg Amor 
with EDITING JOB in the header, so I can get to it quickly. 

Any questions, please feel free to email. I will respond to you within 24 hours. 

Thanks and aloha Meg :-) 

Meg Amor

Sensuous Romance,

and Mystery, Crime Fiction Writer

Raised in a church orphanage, Annie never knew her parents or where she was from. Nor did she know who or what she was, only that Father Francis would always tell her she was special. Never did she dream he meant it literally.

Annie can read minds, connect with the dead and even see the future, but the only clues to her own past are vivid sensual dreams about a mysterious and alluring man.

When this familiar stranger (The Priest) suddenly appears in her downtown shop, she not only discovers their inexplicable connection is extremely powerful, but he also becomes the key to unlocking Annie's complicated past and her uncertain future.

Will Annie and Asha be able to fulfill their fated destiny or will the challenges ahead be too much to bear, leading to their ultimate demise? There's no doubt, the choices made will be life changing.

Join Annie and Asha in part one of this action-packed paranormal adventure filled with steamy scenes and supernatural twists at every turn.


A stranger has been threatening blonde waitresses at the Blue Moon Restaurant on Catica Island.  Ethan Shamsi, the co-owner of the island has hired protection for them all until the man can be caught. 

Bridget is one of the waitresses who needs protecting.  Adam, the man assigned to her, is abrasive and aloof, and he takes his job seriously.  That is, until he is forced to play a role his training did not prepare him for. 

For one week, the two of them must pretend they are a couple in love.  They play their parts well, only to discover that perhaps the feelings they are portraying aren’t all make believe. 

But, Adam has his own demons to fight over guilt he holds on to from his past.  And Bridget doesn’t know if she is just a job to him, or if it could be something more.  After putting herself at risk, she finds out the truth. 

Is everything they have between them real, or is it just a part he’s learned to play well?  Or, could it possibly be more?​

I work with Eva a lot under this pen name and others. It's been my great pleasure to watch her grow as a writer and keep producing interesting stories with unique twists in them. I love this series and the characters. Raw and gritty, strong women make choices that affect every generation. A great theme of redemption and strength. 

The tables are turned in this thrilling 3rd installment as a frantic Asha has to now find Annie who has disappeared without a trace.

More unpredictable and shocking secrets uncovered from Annie's past provide clues and set Asha on a dangerous mission that he may or may not survive. Loyalties are tested and allegiances are questioned as Asha stops at nothing to find his beloved soulmate.

Join Annie and Asha in part three of this action-packed paranormal adventure filled with steamy scenes and supernatural twists at every turn.

Cliffhanger Ending Short Story

A Sweet Western Mail Order Bride Romance

She needs to escape the brutality of the life she’s living, and he needs a wife to win a fortune…

Patience has been raised by family who treat her as little more than a servant. After years of pain and abuse, she knows it’s time to get her and her younger brother to safety before it’s too late. She answers an ad looking for a mail order bride, knowing that whatever the future holds with a complete stranger, it could never be worse than what it is now.

An eccentric man has left his beloved Last Chance Ranch to the first man who can find a woman to marry him. Problem is, it has to be a woman they’ve never met, and they have to get her to agree to come to the desolate ranch full of surprises, in the middle of nowhere, and stay for at least six months. 

The race is on to win the fortune.

Harrison is determined to send the woman away after the term is up, paying her dearly for her time. He’s lived in the shadow of his family name long enough, and wants to create his own mark in the world. He doesn’t have time for anything else.

But, when Patience shows up, his plans change as he realizes there might be more to life than earning a fortune. And, maybe the fortune he has in front of him is already worth more than he could have dreamed. 

Evia’s not yet figured out how to move on after the devastation she’s experienced, including the loss of her fiancé. 

Adair has suffered his own loss, and with a 5-year-old daughter, has no time for relationships. 

Mutually, they believe true love only comes around once in a lifetime and has concluded they’ve had their shot. But, when their paths cross, the intervention of fate will cause them to reevaluate their lives, offering them a second chance at love. 

When an unknown enemy makes their presence known, their flourishing romance is tested. Neither knows who’s behind the threats but soon they won’t have to guess. 

With the threats turning into something more, can their relationship survive or will harmful intentions put an end to their love story midway, ruining their fairytale ending? 

This is a clean and wholesome love story about second chances.

Dawn is a successful and independent woman who left the security of her wealthy family years ago to make it on her own. As fate would have it, her former boss pulls a few strings to get her an assignment back in her hometown. 

Excited about being in New Orleans, Dawn is looking forward to spending time with her family, her best friend and the love of her life, but she quickly uncovers family secrets that could destroy all she has worked for and all that she loves. Soon after she arrives in New Orleans, her best friend takes an unexpected trip that puts her life in danger. 

When Dawn tries to help she realizes that her friend’s disappearance has a lot to do with her family business. What she finds out could destroy her career, land her father in prison and get her best friend killed. Dawn is torn between her loyalties. Will she turn her back on her family to save her career? Will she betray her best friend? Will she go after the man of her dreams? 

Island Promise - Prologue book: The Beginning
Island Promise is a 13k novella and the prologue book that will ties together this pioneering beach romance series. Where 6 awesome authors skillfully weave across genres to bring the reader's 11 fantastic island stories. Each book entwined with Catica Island for the romance collection of the millennium.

These books will be released one book a week throughout the summer. From 16 June to 25 August 2016. 

Ethan Shamsi, an autistic savant with the Midas touch, and Hasana Bennett a sharp witted, cutthroat business woman, are the most unlikely pair you will ever meet. Thrown together through circumstances, they are forced to make the best of a bad situation, each finding the other somewhat infuriating. Yet they must find a way to work together to continue the smooth running of Catica Island, a place full of romance, new beginnings, and second chances.

However, both Ethan and Hasana have been burnt by love, which has affected their views on finding true love. Ethan still believes true love exists, he just hasn’t found it yet whereas Hasana is cynical and has sworn off love. Nevertheless, they must sell the fantasy to the tourists that come to the island. 

Is it possible these two poorly matched characters can pull it off, when they do nothing but fight? 

Louis Stevens prequel to Twice the Hands to Hold. I loved both these characters and as always am so grateful for the fabulous authors I get to work with and their stories that grab me. :)

**A Sweet Western Mail Order Bride Romance**

Can he prove she’s worthy of the love he has to give?

Lydia is ready for her fresh start as the teacher in the growing cowtown of Abilene, KS. Her brother isn’t happy about her living in town on her own, so only agrees if his friend—the local sheriff—is willing to keep an eye on her.

Lewis Kinkaide has left a life behind, following his dreams of working as a lawman in the wildest town in the west. He agrees to keep his eye on Lydia, knowing it’s no hardship since he’s already had his eye on her for a long time.

Can Lewis prove to her that her disability, which she believes leaves her with nothing to offer a man, is in her eyes only? And, what will happen when secrets from his past come forward, threatening to ruin the hope and trust they've started to build?


Her ~ Scorned by the one person who was supposed to love me, my mother, I made up my mind long ago that love was for the weak and it was just something I didn’t need nor desire. But, in time, what was in my mind was soon overridden by the desires of my heart. 

One phone call changed everything. . . 

Now, I crave a man I’ve never met. He was only meant to be, part of my job, just another voice over the phone. Could it be this voice belongs to the man I need? But, is there a difference between falling in love with him and learning to trust him? 

I wonder? 

Him ~ Some say I’m a wounded soul and maybe I am. Yet I want her like I’ve never wanted another. Now I’m questioning my own motives as the lines begin to blur. 

It was a job. Falling for her wasn’t supposed to be a part of the plan, but once desire took hold, it refused to allow me to walk away. I had to have her. I had to protect her, even if that meant I had to become someone I didn’t want to be. 

Someone has their eye on her. Someone seems drawn to her like a moth to a flame. I will stop at nothing to keep her safe from them, from harm, but at what cost? When desire turns to fixation, then, obsession. Is it possible for the cause of her problems, to also be the solution?