Meg Amor

Sensuous Romance,

and Mystery, Crime Fiction Writer

Hawaiian Ginger

Kaiteri up Nelson Way

Willy Cartier was my muse for Danny Lucerno

Mr. Beaumont

Danny and Zane do a perfect, soul-searing tango on the dance floor. Will this heat and the dance between them now become something off the dance floor as well?

When Danny and severely deaf Zane dance the winning tango, sparks fly. But no money and old money clash. Can they overcome such different backgrounds?

As a teenager, Zane Andrews ran away from his strict religious family with his best friend, lover, and protector Kaleho. Now he’s part of the Masterson-Mahikoa family of “lost boys.” But on an emotional level, his scars run deep. He’s not only gay, but severely deaf and feminine. His relationship with Kaleho has become more friends than lovers. And when Kaleho goes to school on the Mainland—it leaves Zane more isolated, plus an unseen element wedges a bigger gap between them.

Danny Lucerno is all macho Portuguese male energy, and raw Argentine passion but he’s also vulnerable and hurting. Still healing from the devastating relationship with Paolo where he nearly lost his life, Danny has been fighting another kind of battle—one of the heart.

When Zane’s past catches up with him, and Danny gets caught in the middle of it—the whole Masterson-Mahikoa family are thrown into turmoil.

Can these two men make it through what is tearing them apart and accept each other’s backgrounds, and insecurities. Or will their dysfunctional backgrounds destroy their relationship?