Meg Amor

Sensuous Romance,

and Mystery, Crime Fiction Writer

Izzy loves these types of dresses - swirly sexy satin...

Vladimir Matuskovsky's beautiful miniature silver samovar and wine barrel urn. Standing just under an inch high. Both came with tiny cups and glasses. Just gorgeous!  

Henry and Charlie's wedding suits

This could be 'Four Seasons' in the Garden District

Izzy would love this hat!

Russian samovar and glasses - Henry and Izzy's is even more ornately carved

 B-17 and her crew -

Henry and Charlie flew the 'Louisiana Girl' and the 'Miss Ginger'

Café du Monde beignets ~ Izzy gets covered in powdered sugar

New Orleans - Louisiana - City of Soul

A Russian samovar and glasses

'The Grove's' sunken tub ~

Charlie's has steps into it

River House swing, Henry

and Izzy make love here often

Izzy's Christmas bracelet design, but with diamonds