Meg Amor

Sensuous Romance,

and Mystery, Crime Fiction Writer

On Lusciousness

There is a richness and lusciousness to any trinity. So many are celebrated in this world. TROIKA is a Russian word ~ meaning 'a set of three.' Traditionally in Russia ~ it's a carriage drawn by three horses harnessed side by side. It's also a Russian dance. All that lovely Russian passion ~ gorgeous.  

On Having Soul

When I think of who touches my soul. It's people who have intense alive energy that ignites a spark in me. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Sir Richard Branson are my heroes. Who are yours? 

On Connection with others

We keep our soul connections with others from lifetime to lifetime. When we fall in love instantly, it's because we have loved them before. 'Our love will never change ~ James Baldwin.'

On Sense of Place

A writer can write in planes, hotels, apartments. But finally you can find a place you can write and live and have friends ~ James Baldwin - St Paul de Vence ~ France

On Erotica v. Porn

I don't write porn. I write romance erotica. Where deep emotions are involved in a love story and explicit sensuous sex is told. The delicious richness.

On Relationships

I believe that love, sex, and romance are normal, healthy, vibrant parts of our lives. To be celebrated and embraced throughout our life.